Meet the entrepreneurs

Thanks for joining us in April 2014!

The Pitch/Investment breakfast 2014 was partnered with Stichting DOEN. These were the entrepreneurs that pitched:

Entrepreneurs - Matija GoljaMatija Goljar,
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This generation needs to start creating while still in school!

Ustvarjalnik provides entrepreneurship curriculum to schools for those students who want to start their very first business. This generation is the most educated in history, but finding a job is still a big problem. The high-school entrepreneurial clubs, mentored by young local entrepreneurs help young people step-by-step to develop their ideas into stable business models. By doing that Ustvarjalnik empowers young people to repeat realizing their ideas in the future & escape unemployment.

Entrepreneurs - Dexter Ligot-GordonDexter Ligot-Gordon, Kalibrr
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Kalibrr transforms recruitment for companies

At the core of Kalibrr’s innovation is a dynamic and predictive assessment that is deployed online as part of the job application process. Kalibrr is designed to close the skills gap between education and employment. Companies use assessments and predictive analytics to screen candidates for their job vacancies and promotion opportunities. Through Kalibrr, they are able to measure the job-related skills a candidate has, and more powerfully, the skills they need to become hired or promoted. Kalibrr envisions a world where everyone who wants a job can get one, whether or not they have a formal education.

Entrepreneurs - Parag GuptaParag Gupta,
Waste Capital Partners
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Providing environmentally-friendly waste management services that employ waste pickers

Waste Capital Partners is a circular economy company which turns municipal solid waste into nutrient-rich compost scarcely available to small farmers. For the waste pickers that are employed it means a large improvement of their income and social security, because they are provided with government ID cards, health insurance and assistance in opening bank account. Waste Capital Partners work in conjunction with municipality and state government, and their primary targets are commercial cultivators and small farmers.

Entrepreneurs - Victor van TolVictor van Tol,
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A revolutionary service enabling peer to peer car rental is a revolutionary new service in the Dutch mobility market, offering an online marketplace for car owners and drivers, enabling peer to peer car rental including car insurance.

This online community connects car owners looking for extra income and drivers, conscious of car costs, looking for a wide range of vehicles, that are always available, right on their doorstep. makes P2P car sharing easily and safely accessible for both private car owners and drivers.

Entrepreneurs - Teia GavrilescuTeia Gavrilescu,
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First carbon neutral project in Romania

Only 1% of the total amount of waste in Romania is recycled. Provinces pay for collection. At the same time, with the economic climate, the number of unemployed has increased dramatically, and low-qualified workers resultantly are going to work in jobs with hazardous conditions. Recicleta grows human capital in a healthy model and increases the amount of waste recycled.

Sandeep Giri,
Gham Power

Gham Power offers microgrid solutions for remote areas in Nepal by installing solar systems. These solar systems are often integrated with existing diesel generators. It powers local businesses in rural and urban communities to run appliances for agriculture, healthcare and communication; it also supplies power to households. Gham Power started in 2010 in Nepal. It provides complete project development from intitial feasibility study and design to financing, istallation, ongoing service and monitoring.

Nico Peterschmidt,
JUMEME is an energy company in Tanzania, established by the German parent company INENSUS GmbH. JUMEME plans to operate 16 mini-grids supplying high quality electricity from mainly renewable sources (wind-solar-diesel hybrid systems) to 2,300 shops and small businesses and 82,000 citizens living in villages in rural Tanzania. JUMEME is structured as a Public Private Partnership. A similar model has already been established in Senegal, which won the 2012 International Business Cooperation Award from the European Commission as a truly innovative and proven cooperative business model.

Yvonne Biggins,

Movellas is a global creative story sharing community for teenagers aiming at improving their literacy skills. Movellas’ theory of change is getting young people interested in reading and writing through technology they use every day – mobile phones and apps – and causing an increase in young people’s literacy skills. Everyone can publish their own stories – called movellas – and everyone can read them. Movellas was launched in 2012 in the UK. It has 250,000 active users monthly with millions of stories.

Karina Tiekstra,
Spreekkamer Online

Spreekkamer Online enables video consultation via internet between doctors and their patients. Research from Radboud UMC shows that 1 in 5 patients prefers a personal video consult with their doctor, above visiting the doctors’ offices every time. Spreekkamer Online could save millions of visits to hospitals every year. They aim to facilitate doctors and patients, with a more efficient and friendly health care system.

Ryan Levinson,
SunFunder Inc.

SunFunder is a crowdfunding platform that connects investors to high-impact solar projects, improving the lives of low-income communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. SunFunder partners with local solar businesses which lack access to financing in order to scale up. By investing through SunFunder, provides financing that will make affordable solar energy available to people around the world. SunFunder started in 2012 and funded till date $400,000 USD solar projects, providing 100,000 people access to solar energy.

Matt Stevenson,
CARBONlite Design and Build

CARBONlite Design and Build is dedicated to providing low cost, low energy buildings using locally sourced and sustainable materials with low embodied energy and minimal environmental impact. Using a unique construction system, incorporating a choice of natural insulating materials as straw-bale, sheep wool, hemp and wood-fibre, CLDB allows for very flexible designs to be erected quickly at affordable prices and guarantees quality.

Niels Corver,

Giving to charities on your mobile phone.

In daily life people do more and more with their mobile phone. whydonate is a mobile donation application released in the Netherlands with the aim to take away all the frustration that goes along with one time donations. For the charities it is an easy platform to receive donations with very low operational costs. This app stimulates people to donate by offering them the easiest way to make a one time donation to both well known charities as well as the smaller local ones