Team_Frank_van_beuningenFrank van Beuningen – Founder & Director
Frank is founder of Pymwymic, the “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is Community”, headquartered in Amsterdam. Pymwymic pioneered social venture capital in Europe and continues to lead in all building the impact field with new initiatives. In addition to founding Pymwymic, Frank created the ‘Money Meets Ideas’ seed funding platform, is co-founder of SOCAP/Europe, founding member of SVN-Europe, long-term member of Investor’s Circle, serves on several international boards, and continues to Put His Money Where His Mouth Is, as shareholder in and advisor to multiple social enterprises. Interested investors, please contact Frank.

Team_Margaret_van_BeuningMargaret van Beuningen – McGovern –  Partner
Margaret McGovern is a partner in Pymwymic and leads outreach initiatives and events, with a special interest in mobilizing women’s investments, cross border efforts, and healthy food systems. Margaret is a serial entrepreneur and previous owner of several media companies. She is a founding member of Women Effects Investments, a founding member of Slow Money (for Slow Food), co-founder of SOCAP/Europe, and early investor in the global Hub social innovation network.

Team_Julia_ChapmanJulia Chapman
Julia is responsible for legal matters and office management. She also assists on partner outreach and is contact person for the PYMInvestors Club.
She started work for Pymwymic after doing her masters degree in information law and travelling through southeast Asia for six months.

Team_Siegfried_KrugerSiegfried Kruger
Siegfried Kruger is responsible for the screening process of social businesses, to present our members ‘Pymwymic approved’ investment opportunities. Siegfried became passionate about impact investing while working for a Dutch social business start-up. He studied Finance & Investments at RSM Erasmus University and is an entrepreneur as well.

Team_Bregje_GerritseBregje Gerritse
Bregje is the youngest employee at Pymwymic. She supports Pymwymic on operations and helps with the organization of events. She is currently finishing two Bachelor degrees at the University of Amsterdam in Cultural studies and French Language & Culture. Previously she worked for Entrée were she organized big innovative events for The Royal Concertgebouw and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra to help them attract a younger audience. In her spare time she plays the violin in an orchestra.

TeamMichielMichiel Huisman
Michiel has been operating for over seven years as strategy consultant as well as interim consultant for start ups and SME’s. He has a master in Financial Management and expertise in assisting companies in strategy, operations, business development and finance. Over the last two years he advised Pymwymic, before taking on the role of Operational Director. Next to this he is financial director of the NGO Butterfly Works and acts as strategic consultant for other companies.

Team_Charlotte_RolandCharlotte Roland
Charlotte is Pymwymic’s Event Producer and is responsible for the logistics, planning and operations of Pymwymic Events. Before she joined the team of Pymwymic she worked at the Beurs van Berlage as account manager where among other events she was Pymwymic’s contact person for SOCAP Europe in 2011. After that she worked at the Royal Concertgebouw as sales manager. She has a bachelor degree in Logistics and loves making lists.

Team_Miko_de_HaanMiko de Haan
Miko loves startup’s and building businesses that make a difference. He has degrees in psychology and international business, and has extensive experience in business development. Miko started his career in SME changes management and over the years focused on helping startup’s both in the field of infrastructure and cleantech. In his current roll he is responsible of Business Development and gives advice on the capabilities of crowdfunding.

Team_Sanley_AnyeteiStanley Anyetei
An ex-investment banker, Stanley aims to use his experience to promote social impact. Stanley is a social entrepreneur with an MBA in Finance and Corporate Social Responsibility from Tias Nimbas Business School, the Netherlands and an M.s.c in Financial Management.

Team_Marijke_van_ BodengravenMarijke van Bodengraven
Marijke van Bodengraven, MBA, is responsible for relations with government and international organisations. She has held senior positions in national and international corporations, is a professional mediator and is a Governmental Expert for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Vincent van der BijlVincent van der Bijl
Vincent provides administrative financial support to the team. He is a student in Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam.

Team_Jelte_de_JonghJelte de Jongh
Jelte is the “London Liaison” for Pymwymic. He started working with us in 2011, while doing his MBA at London Business School. Jelte helps consolidate our investment theses. Also he maintains relations with the UK and US impact investors, like Bridges Ventures and Acumen. In 2012 Jelte founded ““, an education technology startup that aims to tackle learning difficulties like dyslexia. In his spare time Jelte plays the double bass in a Gypsy Jazz band.

TeamsanneSanne Vaissier
Sanne is our (online) marketing & communications manager.
For the Impact Days 2014, she works on several things. She keeps in touch with the press, works on the Impact Days website, helps to get all the designs that are needed and knows where to find the right content.






Schermafbeelding 2014-03-31 om 12.07.22Tobias Besselink
Tobias works for Pymwymic as office support and event organization. He has experience as a member of the organizing committee of several student orchestra’s, amongst which the Dutch National Student Orchestra. Tobias has studied Systems Engineering & Policy Analysis at the Technical University of Delft and will do a master’s degree in Philosophy of Science.