How are your trees?

How are your trees?

Dear 2014 Impact Day Opening Dinner Guests:

How are your trees? And did you receive your envelope with your ‘impact intention’ for the year?
As we lead up to Impact Days 2015, we have started to get pictures like these:
Which gave us an idea:

Please share your best story of how the Impact Days tree inspires you, or of your reaction to your postcard.

Mail us a picture and a paragraph about what you see growing as you look at your tree. Or a paragraph about the intention on your postcard.

We’ll throw the most inspiring stories into a hat, and the winner will be our guest at Opening Dinner & Impact Days 2015. We hope to put a few ‘tree’ stories in the program book.
(if you have already registered, we will refund the cost.)

Monday Opening Dinner is sold out for further registrations, but we have saved a few seats for late friends.

So one of those could be yours! 

This year we are in Buitenplaats Amerongen….

We are really looking forward to the conference, April 20 & 21. Updated schedule here.

Is your impact story blooming??  Mail us a picture & a paragraph!

Hope to see you in 3 weeks!  

from the Team at Pymwymic