Impact Days 2015


Why do a group of investors host a conference?  Amidst the more-than-evident global problems, we dare to say:

We believe in the growing awareness of capital holders making IMPACT:  investing across the spectrum into enterprises that contribute to a restorative, healthy economy.  As a group of peer-to-peer investors, we believe we are helped by sharing our experience, inspiration, and results.

Pymwymic investors have been Impact Investing for 21 years.  Five years ago, in response to demand, we began to host a European-wide community conference.

Now, each year for our April Impact Days, we invite capital holders who dare to ‘Pymwymic’ – to Put Their Money Where Their Meaning Is – to share their stories.  Global entrepreneurs join to showcase and inspire us with new models.  Families, philanthropists, business investors all join – and together we build a conference that is both inspiring, and productive.

Our theme for 2015 is  ‘Impact, and Action.’  There’s a lot of people talking about Impact right now – we’d like to encourage and showcase practical, real action.

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Still in doubt?  Here’s a look at past participants’ experience:


Impact Days 2014 Feedback

Attendee Profiles:

Wealth Holders: 61%
Social Entrepreneurs: 12%
Financial Professionals: 15%
Foundation staff & various other:  13%

A sample of Impact Days Feedback, on a scale of 1 (poor) – 10

Overall experience 8.68
Quality of content 8.04
Hosting by Pymwymic team 9.12

Impact Days 2013 Feedback

Attendee Profiles:

Wealth Holders: 63%
Social Entrepreneurs: 14%
Financial Professionals: 13%
Foundation staff & various other:  7%

A sample of Impact Days Feedback, on a scale of 1 (poor) – 10

Overall experience 8.84
Quality of content 8.25
Hosting by Pymwymic team 9.43



About Pymwymic

Pymwymic (‘pim-whim-ic’) is Europe’s most active and longest-standing community of impact investors. Created originally in 1994 by Europe’s (then) ‘next-gen’ influencers, Pymwymic has for 20 years, advocated, catalyzed and invested into impact enterprise. Over the years we’ve helped 40+ companies with significant seed of growth funding, and supported many more hundreds of entrepreneurs globally, through a network of belief, support and connection. 

Pymwymic’s mission is to build and foster a community of European investors who are using their wealth to support enterprises and organizations who are making positive impact in the world.   We believe all of us must Put Our Money Where Meaning Is, for a better future.