Meet the ‘Pymwymic Approved’ entrepreneurs

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Meet the Entrepreneurs present at Impact Days 2015!

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Ben Rattray,

The social platform to create change! is the fastest growing for social change globally. It is already a well-recognized brand name in the world. Within 5 years of its inception, reached already to 85 million users globally. provides a user-friendly digital platform to make starting change movements easy to launch.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.07.27Camille van Gestel, WakaWaka

bringing light to the bottom of the pyramid with the sexiest solar light (and phone charger) on the market!

WakaWaka develops, manufactures and markets high-tech, low-cost ‘lamps and chargers on solar energy. Products that are indispensable in both the Western World and Sub-saharan Africa. By utilizing the latest technology in the field of solar, WakaWaka aims to replace the use of unsustainable methods (kerosene) with alternative energy solutions (solar).

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.16.25Huib van de Grijspaarde,

Koneksie has developed Kibo, a membership for motorcycle taxi operators.

This alternative model to Bodaboda consists of the first and only motorcycle ever designed for transportation in Africa, a micro asset-financing model, professional maintenance and rider training. Operating under the Kibo brand, it gives members the opportunity to become the owner of a Kibo motorcycle and to generate a higher net incomes to build a healthy business.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.26.10Joost de Kluijver,
Closing the Loop

CTL is the first formal e-waste collector in the West Africa and is closing the loop for mobile devices.

CTL gives a second life to mobile phones by refurbishing and selling high quality used phones to customers in Africa. CTL also buys ‘end-of-life’ mobile phones from developing countries and brings them to Europe for recycling at Umicore, one of world’s highest quality smelters, which recycles the phones in a responsible manner into raw materials.

CTL maximizes the life span of mobile devices and prevents electronic scrap to end up in landfills.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.39.04Felipe Vergara,

Pioneer in the field of human capital financing

Lumni was founded on the belief that there is a better way to help students pay for their education. Lumni is a pioneer in the field of human capital financing through its innovative alternative financing options for students. Lumni designs and manages investment funds of a diversified pool of students.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.51.28Micaela Ratini,
Insitor Impact Fund

Improving the living standards of vulnerable populations in developing countries in Asia.

Insitor Impact Fund improves the living standards of vulnerable populations in developing countries of Asia, through private equity based solutions to assist enterprises solve critical social issues. The Insitor Impact Fund finances companies that offer low-income families options for increased access to healthcare, education, affordable housing, water/sanitation, and clean energy. The Company intends to provide capital and expertise to early stage companies, with a high potential attractiveness for investors.

Jamie Butterworth,
Circularity Capital

The first fund of its kind, created to support SME growth in the circular economy.

Circularity Capital is a specialist fund manager investing in SMEs operating in the circular economy. The mission of Circularity Capital is to encourage, support and drive the growth of SMEs in the circular economy and to catalyse the wider-scale transition to the circular economy.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 11.40.43Tim Radjy,
Bastion, AlphaMundi

Meeting the needs and increase purchasing power of low-and-middle income consumers in Latin America.

An open ended fixed income fund investing in SMEs that provide sustainable development solutions to meet the needs and increase the purchasing power of low- and-middle income consumers in Latin America (ex Brazil/Argentina/Venezuela) and East Africa.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 12.06.06Francois de Borchgrave,
Tara India IV

Profitable socially responsible investments in India.

TARA India Fund IV is being formed to pursue profitable socially responsible investments. The company will invest in attractive private equity investments in rapidly growing small and mid-cap Indian companies with a strong social footprint.

Christian Schattenmann,
Solar for All

Bringing affordable solar power to off-grid households.

Energy poverty has moved from being an overwhelming problem for development agencies, to a large market opportunity, driven by developments in renewable technologies, mobile penetration, economic development, population growth, price of fossil fuels, and mobile financial services. The Solar For All Fund aims to bring affordable solar power to millions of off-grid households by 2020 with a special geographic focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. With a respected track record in impact investments, and with the support of co-investor Stichting DOEN, can Solar for All scale off-grid energy to improve millions of lives?