We support the infrastructure for all of our efforts through a modest membership model.

Banner-IDPymwymic Investors’ Community

At heart, we are a pan-European group of families, philanthropists, and individual investors who believe in aligning our capital with our values. Coming primarily from business families, we support entrepreneurs growing businesses which do good for the world. Throughout the year, the Investors’ Community meets at Investor Tables; at dinner & educational evenings; and at company site visits in Europe and overseas. Each April, we gather for our annual event, Impact Days, where we showcase the inspiring businesses ready to find support.

Our base is Amsterdam, but we work with trusted partners around the world.

We continue to Put Our Money Where Meaning Is, and welcome others into the active optimism of investing for impact.

Three levels of membership:
For our community of families, who enjoy full access to all member services; tailored and community investment offerings; all events; and bespoke training. Family membership involves up to three principles from a family.
For individuals who receive tailored & community investment offerings, and who have access to most services and events.
For those individuals and organisations who aren’t yet investors but actively support the Pymwymic movement, and enjoy the benefits of wider community.

If you like more information on membership, please send an e-mail to


“How you use your money is not separate to you. It is you.
It is your intention working in the world. It is your meaning.
Put Your Money Where Your Meaning Is.”
– Frank van Beuningen